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Our unique Pump Clean system dissolves complex water scale, lime, mud, and rust deposits from virtually any water based equipment. Deposits in chili roll stands and printing unit vibrator rollers are removed without the need for mechanical disassembly. Our biodegradable cleaning agent does not require special handling or disposal and is safe to be disposed of down the sewer when the project is complete.

Long before your equipment overheats, stopping or slowing production to below desired speeds, the water system deposit build-up will gradually reduce temperature transfer abilities, increase utility costs, shorten chilling and pump equipment life, and eventually cause complete catastrophic rotary union failures. Regular system cleaning with our Pump Clean system can extend equipment life and reduce energy costs with only hours of preventative cleaning.

Our non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-injurious, non-toxic, yet fully biodegradable Pump Clean agent is heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents that actually dissolves deposits created by water, additives, and other water processing equipment. While the solution is exothermic, it does not cause substantial temperature increases during the flushing process. This process will not corrode, erode, attack, oxidize, or have other deleterious affects on any metals, hoses, seals, or other materials found in process water systems. As a biodegradable agent, it is non-reportable under: CERCLA or SARA Title 3: Sections 311/312/313 Categorization.

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