Optical Alignment Services

Our  alignment concepts begin with examination of the applied engineering fundamentals, machining datum points, and the assembly procedure, to function as an extension of the original manufacturing process.  Utilization of our optical equipment in conjunction with traditional mechanical methods will provide a permanent record of your machine alignment indications.

The hallmark of our alignment program is our optical equipment, closely coupled with our trained technical staff.  Precise geometric positioning of individual components to create a complete production line is capable with instrument accuracy’s of 1 Arc-Second (that is less than 0.0006 inches at a distance of 10 feet).  Today’s properly applied optical instruments are capable of achieving or exceeding measurement tolerances for production facilities that were once reserved for controlled laboratory environments.

AIS has worked closely with many manufacturers over the past two decades to satisfy the ever increasing need for more exacting tolerances and repeatability during the installation processes.  To achieve these goals, every instrument is in a constant state of verification and calibration prior to, during, and after each project.  All of our instruments are checked and maintained in our custom-built optical calibration laboratory where their histories are tracked for maximum accountability.  As a matter of fact, these instruments are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

AIS stands above the competition by being an alignment group first and foremost  Most others choose to be an installation group backed with optical alignment capabilities.  The difference is outstanding! 

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