Mission Statement

We Are In The Business Known As Industrial Contracting

Advanced Industrial Services, Inc. and its associate, AIS Graphic Services, Inc., cater to the various equipment installation and maintenance requirements of local, national, and international industries.  We offer a comprehensive array of services tailored to the particular need of the customer.  We strive to become the standard by which our industry is judged.

Our Foremost Commitment Is To Our Customer

Without customers, we have no reason to exist.  Our commitment includes listening to and understanding our customers’ needs, lending practical assistance with their planning, and providing the highest quality, timely, and cost effective service that satisfy those needs and plans.

We Are Committed To Fulfilling The Needs Of Our Employees

We intend to create and maintain a positive environment that will allow our employees to express their ideas and develop their potential.  We are committed to provide a secure, stable livelihood.  We will encourage and applaud each employee as they pursue and achieve their professional and personal goals.  We will be a good neighbor in the community and recognize the positive influence this will have on our employees.  We are an equal opportunity employer because it is good business.

We Are Committed To Our Shareholders

Our responsibility to our shareholders is to provide a secure return on their invested capital.  We will accomplish this goal by utilizing sound corporate and operational management principles and structure, which will positively influence earnings and strengthen our leadership position in the industry.

We Are Committed To Honesty And Integrity

This commitment covers all phases of our business, including relationships with customers, vendors, government, community, and employees.  We expect to receive from them the same degree of integrity and respect we provide.

We Are Committed To Profitable Growth

We believe that profitability is a by-product of and directly related to the care and attention given to our customers and our employees. It is our belief that the concepts stated above, when applied in a positive, democratic, and free enterprise system, will result in profitable and stable growth from which we can better serve our customers, employees, and shareholders.

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