Project Management

Successful and timely project completion requires meticulous management of all project facets including: safety conformity, cost basis, task scheduling, manpower utilization, equipment requirements, materials tracking, multi discipline coordination, and much more. At AIS we manage all projects with our project managers and field foremen jointly communicating and interacting with the customer and equipment supplier representatives.

If your project requires more intensive monitoring, we can provide a dedicated project manager to see your project through to completion. Our experienced multi-trade project managers work full time on the site to interface with multiple manufacturers, shippers, building contractors, and other vendors to provide “One Source Responsibility” to the owner for all project components and phases.

With today’s increased pressure to show a faster ROI (return on investment), more projects are being handled on a fast-track basis to minimize installation times. This expedited approach allows equipment schedules to adapt to many situations including building construction delays and equipment manufacturing delays.

We stand ready to provide you with the project management services that will guide your project to successful completion.

Why spend your time and efforts coordinating with multiple suppliers? With one call to AIS you can accomplish your entire industrial installation project and relocation project needs.

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